Mexico is baroque (and a little bohemian)

Euro-denominated banknotes share a common theme around different eras of artistic expression.  Therefore, the 5 Euro note is classical, the 10 Euro romanesque and so on.  I've always argued that the 100 Euro banknote, which depicts the baroque style, could just as well be Mexican, since Mexican art is baroque and exhuberant, and they like to decorate everything, so for example in Christmas you will see plenty of special ornamentation in houses, until in some cases it becomes too much.

Mexicans as well have a certain sense of humour.  Take the picture below:

The current craze in Mexico City is to buy a specific kit so that your car would look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  So you take a (from the Mexican perspective) American influence, twist it a little, add a little of humour and of course put it in your car, without which you cannot survive in this city (actually you very well can, but everything will take you much, much longer).

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