The Planetary Society

One of the passions of my youth was space.  I still own a telescope that is occasionally used, and recently renewed my membership in the Planetary Society.  Founded by Carl Sagan, it is an organisation that tries to impulse space knowledge and exploration, with members in 125 countries around the world.

They are the guys behind different projects such as Seti at home, Red Rover, Red Rover and S.O.S. Save our Science. With them my name, together with that of the other members of the society at the time, landed on Mars with the Mars Pathfinder, and they have continued their activities for over 25 years.

As troubled as our world is, and as unrealistic as it may sound, I believe that the kickstart of a new age of exploration is what humanity needs.  Just by watching the news every day, I guess we're not that many who think that.

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