Family in Finland

As much as I might sometimes encounter barriers here, I don't want to give a lopsided view about my experience in Finland.  I am very aware that nowhere is perfect and neither am I, and furthermore, I really enjoy my work, have very good friends, and I'm even part of a family here.

That's truly what this post is about, because, as my family back in Mexico would say, I truly landed in a soft sport when I came here, met my wife and after some time was pretty much adopted into her family.  I cannot be grateful enough for that, since through them, my friends and of course my wife I came to know, love and integrate here in Finland.  With them I've shared my successes and they celebrate them as much as my blood family does.  They have even asked me to enter their family records which of course is an honour.

This is probably what makes it a little confusing, because for those that know me I am "one of them" but certain sectors of the general public tend to see me with suspicion.  I'm not going to change that, so I should stop caring and move on.  ūüėČ

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