What should I think?

A couple of days back, I took a taxi from the office to a congress.  The ride was short and it was slightly over 10 EUR.  I was chatting with the cabbie in Finnish when it was time to pay.  When I gave him my company credit card (and this is when it gets interesting) the guy asks if my name is the one in the card and if I could show him an ID. 

I did and after he filled all details in the receipt that was the end of it, but it was rather surprising, since it was the first time in 7 years a cabbie asks for it and the amount was rather small.  Why would he do that?

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2 thoughts on “What should I think?”

  1. Actually, they should always do that – not only in taxis but wherever and whenever you pay with a credit card. I know that many times they don't do it, but it's actually better if they do (if your credit card gets stolen etc.)

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