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Some of my readers may wonder why I haven't posted about Chivas, the football club I follow.  The reason is simple: there hasn't been much to post about.  After the end of last season, it was a him or me between the coach and "Bofo" Bautista, and the coach won.  However, the team played horribly and after a string of very bad, unsuccessful games, including a defeat last Wednesday agains DC United in the Copa Sudamericana, has meant that "Chepo" de la Torre has also been let go, even if he took the team to their first championship in 9 years last December.

The team obligingly won their first game under the new coach, against Veracruz.  However, I'm not sure if Sergio "El Gauchito" Ávila is ready to step in the shoes of "Bofo" day in and day out even if yesterday he proved he's definitely first team material.

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