Lunch with the “Mexicans”

Today I had lunch with the "Mexicans" at work.  They are under quotation marks since many of them weren't actually Mexican, but people who have for some reason or another spent some of their time in Mexico and not only speak proper Mexican Spanish, but also behaved as Mexican as any chilango, regio or yucateco would.  Even though we were an Italian, 3 Mexicans and 2 Finns, the table sounded as having 6 Mexicans.

Globalisation and acculturisation go both ways, I've seen.

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One thought on “Lunch with the “Mexicans””

  1. [this is good]

    Qué gusto leer que algunos europeos gustan de nuestro país y nuestra cultura, si a los que nos casamos con extranjeros nos llaman 'malinchistas' cuando la cosa es al revés, como se dice?

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