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I have started using at the same time Twitter and Jaiku.  Whereas the benefit of telling the world what are you doing/thinking in 140 characters or less may be dubious for some, I find it quite addictive.

Since both services are very similar, there is some healthy competition between them.  Twitter has going for it the fact that it's very heavily used in the States, and, crucially, has Facebook integration.  Jaiku, on the other hand, has a more European user base, the interface is in my opinion more appealing and, interestingly, has the option to add other RSS feeds, so you can see not only my Jaikus but also my blog posts, public Flickr pictures, the music I've been listening to (thanks to and even my Twitter posts at the same place.

Both also have Widsets available to be used in my N93 (review upcoming), so I can update my status on the fly.

To compare both, you can check my Twitter and my Jaiku.  You're welcome to add me to your contact list if you want.  Which one do you prefer?  Or do you think it's useless?

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2 thoughts on “Twitter & Jaiku”

  1. I prefer Twitter.

    The integration of all the stuff over Jaiku remember me like if you were using a feed reader. "I dont know why" but i think you prefer Jaiku, maybe ´cause of the Nokia integration? Or ´cause it´s finnish? 🙂 Tell us about other features that make Jaiku the best, (still thinkin´ you like it the most).

    Damn, think i should start trying Frazr

  2. Actually the balance is not as tilted as it could towards Jaiku because of Twitter's Facebook integration and, to me, more relevant community.

    The fact that it has feeds means that it is a one-stop shop for most of my web activity, so people who are not subscribed to this blog or who don't use Twitter or Flickr can easily see where have I been active. I also prefer Jaiku's design as I find it cleaner, but as said, I'm not sure I truly prefer it just yet.

    Currently, I find it easier to update Twitter as it will show both in Jaiku and Facebook anyway, but I give out my Jaiku URL to those who might be interested.

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