FIFA date wrap-up

Finland 0-2 Serbia

Horrible game by the sinivalkoiset.  Serbia deservedly won at the Finnair stadium.  Finland's midfield couldn't create any meaningful plays and resorted to that old trick of desperate teams: the long ball.  When your best hope of winning a Euro 2008 qualifier is an out of form 36-year old (regardless of whether his name is Jari Litmanen) you know you're in real trouble.

Belgium 1-2 Portugal

The third defeat in a row for the diables rouges means they are also out of contention for a spot at next summer's tournament.  Belgium visits Helsinki next Wednesday, where both teams will be thinking about the road to South Africa already as they have nothing to fight for.

Mexico 4-0 Iran

The Mexicans, playing without some of their key Europe-based players, beat comfortably an also incomplete Persian team at San Luis Potosí.  This match, in preparation for the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Copa América, also served as the presentation with el Tri of Uruguayan-Mexican striker Nery Castillo with the team, putting an end to speculation that he could play for Greece (where he plays) or Uruguay (where he grew up) instead.

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