Tourism in the US

I came accross this article at Gwyn's blog.  As a foreigner, I am not surprised that many overseas visitors are very afraid of U.S. Border Officials.

Even though I have a U.S. tourist visa, I haven't been there since 2001.  Why?  Because I haven't needed to.  Most of the time since I moved to Europe my trips to the other side of the Atlantic have been to Mexico, and I haven't needed to make a stopover in the US on my way there in a very long time.

I may have wanted to go there on holiday again (I'm still missing Washington, D.C. and the Southwest), but given that there is only a limited amount of holidays you have, I'd rather spend it with my family.  Maybe if they go somewhere there in the summer, we might decide to meet there instead.  I wonder how has the place changed?

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