The RBD phenomenon

There is a pop band that is famous all over the American continent.  It has filled venues in Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Colombia and Mexico.

Their name is RBD, and they're a marketing offshoot of a very popular opera by Televisa, "Rebelde".

Their music is rather plastic (as is the "band"), but they are a money-making machine.  They have been involved in a series of scandals, such as when 3 people died in an autograph-signing session in Sao Paulo in 2005, and when one of their singers confessed to being gay a few months ago.

Why do I talk about them, if their music (and the overall concept) seems to me rather bad?  Because, firstly, I believe they're a perfect example of the power of telenovelas and the marketing around them as a mostly Latin American phenomenon with an expanding reach.  Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised they would cross-over to the English-language worldwide market, as was the case with Shakira and Ricky Martin.

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2 thoughts on “The RBD phenomenon”

  1. In fact they are now singing in english. They are also so well-known in Spain and the idea is to enter also in France, Italy, etc. How i know it? … Dont think im a fan, im only a news addict LOL.

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