The gap between X & Y

I know that Wikipedia cannot always be taken seriously or as more than a gateway to further original references, but I found this entry that ties in with my previous post.  It attempts to define a gap generation that crosses the chasm between Generation X & Generation Y.  That's exactly where I am, as I was born between 1974 & 1985.

One thing that really struck me is that it mentions that the musical tastes of people in this category tend to match those of Generation X, but their attitude towards life, work and everything else tends to match those of Generation Y.  For most of those issues, I either declare myself guilty as charged or know plenty of people who fulfill that criteria.

Still my largest source of anticipation is how will workplaces cope with the differences in values between those currently about to retire and those currently entering the workforce.  The next 15 years will be very, very interesting.

I recommend to read the articles quoted as sources of the Wikipedia entry.

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