Náhuatl at school?

Looking for some related information I found this news article about the drive by the Mexico City government of teaching Náhuatl, the Aztec language, at local schools.  In principle, I would think it actually is a good idea.  At least in theory there should be no problem with the ability of pupils to learn another language besides English and Spanish (I mean, in some countries of Europe it is common to learn three or more languages in high school).  In my case specifically, I find it rather sad that I can now more or less babble in up to eight languages, but I know only a few words of the languages my ancestors used.

However, as an engineer would say, the problem is implementation.  We all know that in general Mexican education is not of the highest quality at the moment, and the addition of another subject would further complicate things.  Furthermore, I'm rather suspicious of the political motivations behind this move, as it would seem to pander to that part of the population that would rather look inward than ride the wave of globalisation.  Whereas I am absolutely for the preservation of indigenous languages, I don't think that precludes the mastering of other languages such as English or Spanish.  Multilingualism is not a bad thing!  I truly think that the more, the merrier.

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