My iPod is semi-sentient

Today I was a little bit blue.  The sky was overcast, with this annoying drizzle that isn't even proper rain but still messes up my hair and my glasses, and it was just the proper mood for being a little pensative.

Even though I have my iPod in shuffle (all 3000+ songs), it played almost exclusively during the whole day songs according to the mood: "My way", "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", "Polly", "Ayer me dijo un ave", "Denial, revisited", "Pennyroyal tea", "The wind cries Mary", "Black hole sun", "Bibo no aozora", "Long Cool Woman", "Ánimas que no amanezca", etc.

Given that when I'm happy, the same shuffle tends to play more rythmic songs, I'm starting to wonder if my iPod is semi-sentient or at least rather telepathic…

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One thought on “My iPod is semi-sentient”

  1. My 40gb iRiver is finally dead. Fair enough, it has been used every single day for three years. I'm researching my next purchase (not an iPod though). But I have to say that sometimes I have had the same impression about my player – that it can somehow read your mind, or read your mood when you put it on shuffle mode. It can be quite useful, but also a little disconcerting!

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