Eurovision random thoughts and results

Serbia won (they got lots of votes not only from the Balkan bloc, with a singer with a great voice, even though her appearance was really weird).

Eurovision 2007 – WINNER – Marija Serifovic – Molitva

My other favourites in the final were

Georgia (great voice, original song)

2007 Georgia (Finalista)

Ukraine (hilarious!)

Eurovision 2007 Ukranie, Verka Serduchka – Danzing

Germany (something original from the Germans).

Germany 2007 | Roger Cicero | Frauen Regier'n Die Welt

  • Regarding the "Video Postcards from Finland" I actually believe that the best ones were shown in the Semis (even though the Moomin vs. Santa showdown was priceless).
  • Even though the "Lordi effect" was in force in the number rock acts in appearance and the "horror themed" acts, it didn't make such a big impact this time around.  However, originality still won, in the sense that the only performer that didn't care so much about her looks but had the best voice was voted to the top, not only by her country's neighbours but also by others who appreciated the artistic originality.
  • Eurovision is still camp, but it's extremely good at it!
  • The Brits still don't get it.  And then they complain bitterly because nobody appreciates their efforts.
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One thought on “Eurovision random thoughts and results”

  1. [this is good]

    Hola, aqui visitándote también.

    Oye a mi también me latió mucho la canción de los alemanes. Super original, y la de georgia fue muuuy extraña, de hecho en algunos momentos me recordó a Björk.

    Saludos hasta Bélgica y según se poseedores de una rica rica cerveza 😀

    Ya leére mas tu blog

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