Belgian beer review: Keizer Karel / Charles Quint / Carlos V

This is a post in the Belgian beer review series.

Strong beer with a full taste including a hint of fruits. Nice dark colour.

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3 thoughts on “Belgian beer review: Keizer Karel / Charles Quint / Carlos V”

  1. [das ist gut]

    Hey! I do appreciatte your effort collecting several belgian beer kinds. But it is just a peak of the full palette, isn't it?

    If there is something in common between Belgium and Germany it is the beer diversity. If you're interested in, I wrote a story regardingmy visit to one german brewery.

    By the way, this Kaizer Karel is the beer I would prefer.

    Best regards,


    1. I liked Keizer Karel, but my favourite beers were Chimay Brune for winter and Hoegaarden for summer. The best thing about Belgium is that you have plenty of choices!

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