Things I don’t like about Vox

I have been here for almost three weeks, and won't move back to Blogger.  However, there are a couple of thinks that I really don't like about Vox:

  • No comments from unregistered members.  Even though I understand that it is for privacy reasons, maybe the use of OpenID and some sort of comment moderation would be much more effective (and I would have my old readers commenting here; who knows, maybe they'd sign up too).
  • No HTML/CSS editing.  I cannot add anything else to the template than what I am allowed by the tools, so I cannot move my old counter, my visitor's map, my mybloglog community roll, nor my FD Flickr Badge… Argh!

I think this sums up in one phrase: not all my readers use Vox!  And instead of making it easier for me to interact with them, I'm inside this walled garden and they are out.  Not unlike some telco services I know of…

However, I still stand by my decision, as video/mobile posting and design in general are easy to use.  The fact I can have private posts is also a plus, and those people have already joined.  However, I'm still annoyed.  I sent feedback to the Vox team, but I don't know if they listened. Ugghh…

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2 thoughts on “Things I don’t like about Vox”

  1. I got an answer from them:


    Thanks for your feedback. We are working on additional
    authenticaiton options for commenters, and that's on our
    Issues list. Also, the currentembed
    that some members are testing will be offered in the future as a
    sidebar option to include badges and widgets.

    We don't have a timeframe
    for these features, but they're definitely being planned and

    Vox Help

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