Never tell me the odds

I just heard about a very good friend of ours that separated from her husband (my best wishes to both of them).  As asiduous readers of this blog might know, I'm getting married as well in a couple of months, and hearing that news coupled with my preparatory discussions where I learned the divorce rates in Europe (1 out of 2 separate) and comparing it to my family history, where there have also been a couple of divorces, I couldn't help but get slightly worried.

Then I remembered who is it that I'm getting married with, who am I, and what have we been through in the past seven years.  We bridged the chasm between cultures, languages and temperaments, we learned from each other and we went through the experience of living in different countries from each other for a total of around a year and a half.  And guess what?  We're still here.  It hasn't been easy, but we still believe.

There are of course many challenges coming in the future: work, family life, and the like, but as one famous Corellian once said: "Never tell me the odds!".

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3 thoughts on “Never tell me the odds”

  1. Que bonito post, pero más sabia tu forma de pensar, con esa mentalidad ya llevas ventaja porque te casas por convicción a pesar del ejemplo que ves a tu alrededor.

    Mucha fuerza y sabiduría son mis deseos para tu próximo matrimonio, y para la pareja de amigos el deseo de que su decisión haya sido para el bien de los dos.

    Saludos Chiva!

  2. [esto es genial]

    Felicidades de antemano por la futura "legalización" de vuestra unión. Digo, más unidos creo no se puede estar por lo que cuentas; después de haber pasado por N-cantidad de situaciones; o bueno, posiblemente sí pero ya serían la envidia de muchos jajaja 😀

    Seriously, felicidades y queremos la exclusiva en nuestros lectores de feeds eh jajajajaaa

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