In Brussels and in Antwerp

As you may know, I'm Mexican and my fiancée is Finnish.  We've been together for quite a few years, but as a friend says we probably look like one of those ads from United Colours of Benetton.

In Brussels I'm Morrocan or Turkish, whereas my fiancée is Flemish.
In Antwerp I'm Morrocan or Turkish, but dangerous anyway, whereas my fiancée is a local, or maybe Dutch.

In Brussels I blend in with the general population, and so does my fiancée.
In Antwerp, de Metropool, I have found more hostile stares directed at me, or worse, my fiancée when she's with me.

The good news is that at least everybody thinks that I speak their language: the French-speakers speak to me in French, the Dutch-speakers in Dutch, the Turks in Turkish, and the Morrocans in Arabic.  The Spanish-speakers usually don't know who speaks Spanish here anymore 😉

Regardless of the interesting experiences, we had a very nice time in Antwerp, a beautiful but rather misjudged city where I have some good friends.

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