You know you’re travelling too much when…

Ricardo had a post at his blog discussing some symptoms that signal whether you've been travelling too much.


  • You know your passport number by memory.
  • You know the date your visa to a certain country was issued.
  • You know the crew of your international airline of choice by name, or at least recognize their faces.
  • You have seen most of the Academy Award nominees in the comfort of your plane seat.
  • You feel more comfortable having dinner at Dallas Fort Worth international than at your local downtown area.
  • Most of your books have been purchased at an Airport book store.
  • But the worst is when you start to recognize Customs and Border protection agents! This happened to me on my last trip."

To which I added:

least the last one couldn't happen to me as most of my business trips
(when I was working) were within Schengen. No borders means no border

The one about visas is definitely true, though.

  • The best time to call relatives or friends is while waiting at the airport lounge.
  • Your local airport starts to feel eerily cozy.
  • You don't know anymore which language you should speak on arrival."

But I guess my dad is the ultimate authority, as his passport shows what happens when you've travelled too much:

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