Mexican home remedy against the common cold

I’ll share with you my family’s own home remedy against the common cold. Hope it is useful also for you. This recipe is for one person.

1 peeled raw garlic clove
2 tablespoons of honey
3 tablespoons of lime/green lemon juice

Cut the garlic in small pieces (crushing might be better). Mix with honey and lime juice. Drink immediately. Turn face away from loved ones.

Some people I know also have a small shot of tequila added to the mix (or on its own) under the premise “Si no se te quita, se te olvida” (if it doesn’t cure you, it’ll make you forget it).

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2 thoughts on “Mexican home remedy against the common cold”

  1. In my family it was just about hot water, lemon and honey. We used to call it taikajuoma (magic potion). I guess this must be taikapommi, a magic bomb…

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