Palestinian scarf

selfportrait, originally uploaded by hme.

I will admit one thing: I have been to both Israel and an Arab country and liked both, including the people of both places. I will take no sides.

I bought a scarf similar to this in London. The following quote from Wikipedia: “As with other articles of clothing worn in wartime, such as the T-shirt and khaki pants, the keffiyeh has recently become both ethnic and military chic among non-Arab hipsters in the West, who may be uninterested in either politics or the military. In Europe and major cities of the Americas and Australia, the black-and-white keffiyeh has become a youth fashion accessory, often worn as a scarf.”

This is the sense in which I wear it, I’m neither pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, I’m pro-peace.

However, since I’m not exactly Caucasian, wearing it in Helsinki or Brussels people think that I’m Arab, instead of just following a fashion that other people follow as well. I find it rather stupid, and very annoying.

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