Cafe Tacuba

One of my favourite bands and arguably one of the most popular in Latin America, Cafe Tacuba was formed in the late 80’s in Ciudad Satelite, Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico (a suburb of Mexico City very close to where I grew up). Their music is very eclectic with influences from rock, ska, norteña, hip hop, ballad, metal, tango, ranchera, etc., and cannot be rigidly classified as Rock en Español (it is said that not two of their songs are in the same genre). Even though they sing entirely in Spanish, they also have a loyal anglophone following. In their tours they have filled stadiums and other concert venues around Spanish-speaking Latin America, one of the most notorious was packing over 120,000 people in the Zocalo (main square) of Mexico City. Below you can find examples of their music:

Puntos Cardinales (Cuatro Caminos, 2003)

Other videos available:
Rarotonga (Cafe Tacuba, 1992)
Ingrata (Re, 1994)
El Ciclon, (Re, 1994)
Las Flores (Re, 1994)
Alarmala de Tos (Avalancha de Exitos, 1996)
Chilanga Banda (Avalancha de Exitos, 1996)
Como te Extraño (Avalancha de Exitos, 1996)
Dos Niños (Reves/Yo Soy, 1999)
El Ave (Reves/Yo Soy, 1999)
Dejate Caer (Vale Callampa EP, 2002)
Eres (Cuatro Caminos, 2003)

More information in Wikipedia or at their official site.

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